Wednesday, October 22, 2008


seriously...i am overwhelmed by the amount of beautiful japanese architecture and design in this city. perhaps this is a fact you were not aware of, but sao paulo is home to the largest japanese population outside of japan. truth! i know...this city is fucking HUGE, right? and suuuper cool. anyway, i went with my partner, LALO to the MASP (museum of art sao paulo) on sunday to check out some goodness and enrich our minds. we saw some great stuff on art and mythology, as well as portraiture, classics, and an special section of artist self portraits. and downstairs in the basement was an EXTREMELY well put together exhibition on jerusalem. it had tons of ancient artifacts and money and crosses and alll of that kind of stuff. really the best part of it was the exhibition design and the modern-day jerusalem photos that were hanging from screens in a dark room, individually lit to enable viewing from both sides...verrrry cool...i am telling you that exhibit was SOOO well done. BUTTTTTTTTTTTT the best part of the day was a total surprise...a WHOLE FLOOR dedicated to JAPANESE CALLIGRAPHY. was amazing. i had to sneak some pics. even though i dont know what anything says (it was translated...into portuguese of course haha) i felt really close to it. i could recognize the structure of the letters or something...its all of the typography i've been doing lately i suppose. anyway, it was DEF the coolest thing i have seen since ive been now, i share it with YOUUUUUU

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