Monday, January 14, 2013

VISIT FLORIDA: Viva Sweepstakes Site

Visit Florida is now one of our biggest accounts here at the Miami Sapient offices and though the big stuff is mostly commercials and print and larger web experiences, we still do all of their smaller things too.  I put together this little site for their VIVA Sweepstakes and it just went live.

We have to build off of template sites for some of these things, but I had so much fun making the cover image!  I got to dig through tons of old black and white photos from our state archive...people waterskiing in pyramids, fishing in creeks, holding out fish for dolphins to grab through hoops, and of course 1950s bathing babes and family beach time.  SO FUN!!!  I eventually got to grab this one, color it in and play with it a bit...then I added a little type treatment inspired by old postcards, while still using their brand font.  So yeah...totally awesome!  Its nice when you get these side pieces that you can play with, so I wanted to share :)

Oh and dont forget to enter to win a Florida Vacation!!!  They are giving one away for our State's 500th Anniversary this year!

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