Wednesday, February 18, 2009


EBAY wants to revamp themselves as trustworthy and friendly, and they want to be looked at as a real retailer to keep up with sites like amazon. in this campaign, we created a section of their website that is a web of connectivity, showing just how connected we are to people all over the world based soley on our purchases from ebay. you can navigate through a million different avenues (store, item, purchaser, top bidder, country, town etc....think about the way that announcers can pinpoint every statistical angle of a batter in that specific moment of a game...more than just the batting average. we're talking, the number of the pitch and the inning and the batter's wife's brother's friend's grandpa's first pitch from the same field 50 years ago). it can be used for shopping advice, feedback, social networking etc...Spin Your Own Story

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