Thursday, April 16, 2009


one of my classes last quarter was all about branding ourselve sand this assignment was to "pimp the car of our dreams." im sorry, but that is retarded. i dont even care about pimped out cars...i just like classic cars that are as close to original as possible, so i decided to do my fav car ever in history: the EL CAMINO. i usually prefer a more muscley 70s model, but since i knew i wanted to do a lot of illustration for this project, i thought that the bubbly 59 would be the right choice. everyone did photoshopped stuff with fancy features, but seriously, all of those speakers and tvs and stuff are lame...i dont even have a tv at home so why would i want it in my car??? all i cared about was having a sick classic with the dog of my dreams (a standard poodle named mick jones) and super sexy man to fix it for me whenever i needed it (oh and gps because i am ALWAYS lost)! so yeah...i put it all together in a flash quickie, and (poorly) narrated it myself. i originally planned on one of my boys to do the voice-over all pro in the studio, but i ran out of time and had to do it myself in one take and the result is so silly that i felt it necessary to keep it that way. i did all of the illustration and lettering myself, and if i had more than three days to do it, i am sure i wouldve redone the voice. anyway...enjoy! hahaha

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