Thursday, April 16, 2009


for TIM HOSSLER's class awhile back, we were randomly assigned a more obscure designer to learn about and produce something representing them. I was sooooo lucky to get ROBERT BROWNJOHN. did you know his book is called SEX AND TYPOGRAPHY!?! i know! amazingly perfect! and i got him by accident. anyway, i really love his work because, even though he was an ad man, he tried to make interesting art that was either part of the campaign or went along with it in a gallery show or something. he did a poster called Obsession & Fantasy, and that was (obviously) my inspiration. i like that he made everything sexual, but not objectifying...he also tended to take the big idea and go realllllllly far with it in execution. so, this is the cover to a fantasy porno coloring book i made for the project. inside, line drawings of porno girl centaurs, octopus and lots more!

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