Saturday, April 17, 2010


For Record Store Day this year, the incredibly talented AXE AND THE OAK invited me to make some vrrrry special, vrrrrrry limited edition album covers. They wanted something super simple with a little bit of a throwback feel, so we came to an agreement on the final design, BUT to make it extra special, I decided to handmake each one! They are an addition of 50 and each one is hand stamped and hand embossed, front and back, with a rubber stamp that I had custom made from the original artwork. It was soooo much fun to make and, though each has its own small imperfections, they came out pretty dope. And I have to say that doing something handmade really fits this band...they are perfectionists in both the studio and onstage. The minimal look also fits them because, well, thats just their steez...I can't really explain it. are some photos and if you want to see them live for the release, they'll be playing at RADIOACTIVE RECORDS in FT. LAUDERDALE tonight!!! go support good music and snazzy design

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