Friday, July 22, 2011

ALL THRILLER NO FILLER: special sneak peek!

Early this year, I began working on projects with the boys over at Primary Flight for their new space Primary Projects. We have a super dope jewelry project coming out this November and I am like, beyond siked to show everyone this special edition version made for the hottest bishhhh, Nicki Minaj!!!

"Thriller" is a large brooch and the "All Thriller No Filler" necklace sits on the collarbone like a nice scripty tattoo. Each piece is made of layered and hand painted plexi, fabricated by Private Cotton and assembled by me. Annnd the matte pink/black gloss colorway is exclusive for these pieces only :)

The Jessy Nite x Primary Projects version is still under wraps, so start saving ur monies for the thriller bitch on ur christmas list!!!

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