Tuesday, June 12, 2012


This past Saturday, Primary Projects Space had the opening of their first salone style exhibition, Salon de Notre Société!  It was cool to see little pieces left behind from all of the artists that have been showing there in the past year and a half, and it was incredible to see some new talent too.  I have some terrible iphone pics below, to show you!

The giant black flower painting was a show stopper...apparently the dude who painted it is super young, so we should for sure be seeing more cool stuff from him.

John Vale, who isn't necessarily new, had a SICK little diorama thing that was so tiny and detailed...I haven't seen him make something like that before and I was really gassed on his progression...plusssss he did my "All Thriller, No Filler" tatty, so I extra love him.  That was one of the best pieces in the show, though...so so soooooo rad.

Oh annnnd...I gotta say it...I loved the desk with my Paid piece hanging over it!!!  It looked the way I hoped it would in someone's home.  And, I was in  the best of company: book ended by my buddy, the super g Andrew Nigon, plus a few of my fav ceramic pieces from a very sick artist whose name I forgot...again....thats a Kim Jong Il teapot!  And the set in the drawer has a porcelain tooth!

But, I think that my true personal favorite came from my good friend Manny Prieres.  He is a technical master and does a lot of text in his work, but its the sayings he chooses that I go nuts for...his "WORK SETS YOU FREE" piece literally stopped me in my tracks while walking around...that saying is so powerful on its own and at first I thought of my favorite quote from Henry Rollins.  But when I then realized it was actually from the front gate at Auschwitz, I was blown away.  I like text because with the right kind of saying, the work becomes really emotional.  Manny!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway...another really great show...thanks PF and congrats to everyone who showed...it was a super fun one :D

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