Friday, June 19, 2009


well, what you heard is true...yesterday, june 18, 2009, jessy the nite rider kennedy graduated college! ISSSSSSSSSSS true! the parades, the fireworks, the marching bands....all for me! i swear, you out of towners wouldnt BELIEVE the big deal that this city made about the whole thing. they even had to shut down the macarthur because of it! okay, so i dont know why that was closed...but i SWEAR the other stuff is true. okay not even close. BUT i did graduate, and while the ceremony was lame, i was so happy to be there and especially with my cheering section of lovely ladies. thanks for coming guys! so special! anyway, here are some shots from my presentation...more than anything, i was just siked to see my pieces so GIGANTIC on the projector! alright, so now i have to stop talking about graduation and school...i wore the topic out about a month before i even graduated, but now, no more excuses...its over :( shout outs to everyone who hung out last night and drank champagne and stuff...oh and love to my KEEN ONE who brought me a vrrrry special gift...the most perfectly ripe mango ive had in months...belezzzzza!!!

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