Monday, April 5, 2010


This is the work from my very first solo show that opened April 1, 2010. I got to hang my work in the Kidrobot Gallery on Collins Ave, Miami, FL. let's get started!

first up, the title piece of the whole thing:
OH HELL YEAH approx 4ft x 8ft Acrylic on seven layers of Plexi

HIGH LIFE 4ft x 4ft Acrylic on Panel

TINY VICES 4ft x 4ft Acrylic on Panel

and of course, I had to do an alphabet!
MIAMI VICE 6in x 6in and 13in x 13in, plexi mounted print

i had prints for sale (which are also available at my online store):
RICH AS FUCK 18in x 24in print

and of course some tees to match the title piece (these turned out amazing and are for sale on my web store...5 color screen hotttt!), as well as the Married to the Mob tees from last spring:

and thats about it! it was amazing to finally get a chance to show what I can do. Thanks to all of the people who came and everyone who helped out. esp my parents <3


Fabio Barbato said...

I told your work was awesome!!! Send me an autographed t-shirt when you get rich and famous.

#1 Fan in Seattle said...

Just fabulous!!! OMG, I am blown away!! You are so talented!!! I will def be visiting the online store!